18 Faces That Will Prove Why You Should Stay Away From Meth

Meth, shorthand name for methamphetamine, otherwise known as crystal, ice and glass and is a very dangerous and illegal drug. The increased use of the illicit drug has shot up over the last few years, but knowledge of the long term side effects of the drug is still largely unknown or misunderstood by the public.

A new series of ad campaign called “Faces of Meth”, produced by Rehabs.com has come out to show you the true horrors of crystal meth. You will see the face and body deterioration of meth users over the years. Here are 18 faces of meth before and after they took the drug; along with reasons on how meth destroys the human body and psyche.

Andrew at 18, Andrew at 25

In a span of 8 years, Andrew’s physical looks has changed from a good-looking young man to a dangerous-looking psychotic in his 40’s. It is difficult to grasp that he is still 25 here.

Alberta at 23, Alberta at 28

It is heartbreaking to see a young woman turn into a corpse with dead eyes after a mere five years of being addicted to meth.

Cristina at 23, Cristina at 24

In this shocking transformation, Cristina starts as a fresh-faced youthful woman at 23. In only a year after being addicted to meth, she is full of big red marks all over her face.

Heather at 27, Heather at 30

This image is frightening, but Heather is a heavy meth user and manufacturer. Her face was badly burned and disfigured after a meth lab explosion.

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