18 Faces That Will Prove Why You Should Stay Away From Meth

Jordan at 23, Jordan at 25

Jordan’s face is now full of sores after using meth for two years. It is said that meth users have hallucinations a ‘crawling sensation’ beneath their skin, causing them to scratch their bodies incessantly.

Patricia at 48, Patricia at 52

Patricia looks like a completely different person and is barely recognizable in just 4 years.

Devan at 18, Devan at 21

Devan looks like a faint ghost who can barely move the weight of her eyes.

Shaun at 19, Shaun at 34

Shaun was a handsome man in his youth — and wasted it away after years of meth use. At 34, he has bloodshot, angry eyes, bad teeth and a skeleton face.

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