18 Hilarious Teachers You Wish You Had In School

Most people at some point in their lives found themselves wanting to jump out of a nearby window and make a break for it rather than sit and listen to the most boring teacher ever ramble on about the most boring subject ever. With those kinds of teachers, school can be a real drag. One can’t help but wonder why teachers like that teach at all, because they must hate children to be that boring, right? Luckily, there are actually some teachers out there who enjoy their job, and make the most of it. They even have a sense of humor to lighten up some of school’s most dull classes. Compiled here are snapshots of some of the most witty and entertaining teachers out there.

Mr. Claus

This teacher was able to use something as terrible as math to spread some holiday cheer. Props to him.

Smartest Teacher Ever?

This teacher is very aware of how terrible his or her pay is, and decided to do something really awesome about it. It benefits the teacher and those students who would otherwise get grounded by their parents.

The “Hip” Teacher

This teacher is up on all things hip and cool, namely Queen B. This fun and festive door makes walking into class a little less painful.

Funny Test Question

If only every math question were like this one.

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