18 Reasons Why Getting Outside More Can Strengthen Your Mind, Body, And Soul

Getting Back To What Matters

If you are worrying about trivial things right now, getting outside will help you feel a lot better. Studies have found that by listening to the birds, looking at trees, and just getting closer to nature can help you realize those little things don’t matter so much and can help you realize the bigger picture.

Restoring Your Mental Energy

After being on the go for a while, you might find that you can’t think straight anymore. This is actually mental fatigue and you can restore it by getting outside. A study found that just by looking at pictures of nature helped restore people’s mental energy. However, it is much better to get outside with nature.

Help You Sleep Better

If you find your sleep pattern is out of whack, go outside in the early morning hours and get some sun. A study found that those who get outside in the early morning hours sleep better at night. This is because our sleep patterns are tied to the sun. If you stay inside too much and don’t get enough natural sunlight, your sleep pattern could really mess up on you. The best way to fix a sleeping pattern is to go on a camping trip and sleep outside. This sounds fun too!

Help Relieve Stress

If you are feeling really stressed lately, head outside. Who isn’t feeling stressed these days with so much going on? A study found that those who walked around in the forest produced less of the hormone cortisol, which is responsible for stress.

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