19 Historical Photos From A Different Angle

We remember much of the 20th century by the images captured of historically significant events. But how often do we get to see that history from a different angle? Rare photographs reveal new perspectives on the iconic imagery of the past, giving us a glimpse into the times that is both enlightening and fascinating.

Some of them are simply alternative takes on famous photos, like a snapshot of the Tank Man in Tiananmen Square from ground level. Others capture things most of us simply don’t think about, like the massive amount of garbage flooding the streets of New York after the WWII victory celebrations. Read on and discover this astonishing collection of historical events viewed from a different angle.

Jackie Kennedy Watching Her Husband Debate Richard Nixon

In this shot, future First Lady Jackie Kennedy watches her husband win the pivotal televised debate with opponent Richard Nixon.

Filming The MGM Lion

We’ve all seen this lion roar for the camera, but have you have seen what the process of capturing that roar looked like?

Iranian Soldiers Looks At The Burning Kuwaiti Oil Fields

At the end of the first Gulf War, retreating Iraqi soldiers torched Kuwaiti oil fields, causing a massive fire which burned for months.

The Tank Man In Tiananmen Square

This photographer unintentionally captured the Chinese folk hero known as “The Tank Man”, who bravely defied Chinese military police forces with a simple act of non-compliance.

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