19 Strange Occurrences No One Can Yet Explain

Every single year, science proves something that society once thought was impossible. However, for every single bit of information revealed there is another piece of a long-standing puzzle that cannot be explained. Science is incapable of reasoning with these strange occurrences, and some people have begun to refer to them as miracles in their own right. These unexplained mysteries should impress every single person that reads about them. Here are nineteen strange occurrences that no one can quite explain.

Harbour Mille

The Harbour Mille incident was a bit more than just a normal UFO story. People reported seeing multiple strange unidentified flying objects of the town in Canada. Three separate UFOs were spotted, each one appearing quite similar to a missile but emitting no noise whatsoever.

Math Genius

Head injuries supposedly burn cells and make people “dumber” in the long run. However, one thirty-one-year-old man was a college dropout with no background in math beyond the very basics we all learn. The man was punched in the head one random day, and has since been a mathematical genius.

Turtle Deaths

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission are still baffled about this happening. Dozens of turtles in Keystone Heights simply passed away in the sand at the end of Pinon Road. Experts explored every option, but ruled out traumatic death as the main cause.

Humanlike Flying Creature

A young man witnessed an odd, humanlike flying creature floating around in Chile in 2013. The man described it as a beast with bat-like wings, a beak full of razor-sharp teeth, tearing claws, and a tail with a flanged end. This flying reptile has not been seen since, so no one can exactly describe what it was.

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