2,000 Protesters Participate In World’s First Hologram Protest

In Spain, 2,000 people gathered to protest the “gag law” in front of the parliamentary building, though none of them were physically there; this was the first hologram protest in history. It appeared like a real protest with signs waving and chants shouted . The protest was a creative response to a law that would make it illegal to burn the flag or protest outside parliament. The law would impose very heavy fines on anyone who breaks it, but it’s hard to arrest someone who isn’t really there.

Two thousand people from all over the world sent in pictures to Holograms for Liberty. They, in turn, made all of the pictures into holograms. The protest lasted nearly an hour. It was inspired by other uses of holograms, including the hologram of Kate Moss that appeared on a Paris runway in 2005.

The public security law, known as the “gag law”, goes into effect in July. It has shown to be very unpopular. NoSomosDelito, the group behind the protest, is a coalition of 100 different organizations fighting against it. According to the coalition’s website, the law is only supported by 7% of voters. Under the law, such a protest as this could garner as much as a 600,000 euro fine ($635,160 USD).

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