20 Actors That Turned Down Incredibly Massive Roles

Hugh Jackman

Wolverine, Hugh Jackman himself almost became James Bond. The role of James Bond was given to a variety of actors and the next to receive it after Pierce Brosnan. Jackman decided to pass as he felt that doing the role would typecast him into doing just action films. More recently, Jackman has stated that he would be interested in taking the role if he was ever asked again. Currently, Daniel Craig holds a contract for a select amount of James Bound based films.

Will Smith

Will Smith is a popular actor and is responsible for some pretty massive roles. When it came to The Matrix, Will Smith passed up on the role of Neo so he could pursue the movie Wild Wild West. After both films released, Will Smith stated that he was completely fine with his decision and applauded Keanu Reeves’ performance.

Jim Carrey

The Pirates of The Caribbean series probably wouldn’t be as popular if it weren’t for Johnny Depp’s performance as Captain Jack Sparrow. When the film was in the process in casting actors, director Gore Verbinski originally wanted Jim Carrey to portray our favorite odd pirate. When the film was set to being production Jim Carrey had to turn it down as he was beginning production with Bruce Almighty.

Bill Murray

The role of Forrest Gump from the movie of the same name couldn’t go to a better actor than Tom Hanks. This was an instant classic, but more than a few actors went for the role. Bill Murray was one of those actors that was in talks of playing the character though he claims that a script was never sent to him.

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