20 Adorable Animals That Desperately Want To Go Inside

Some animals are made for outdoor living and then there are those that live inside but enjoy the freedom to roam outdoors periodically. Household pets sometimes have the convenience of a doggy door or simply someone to let them in when they’re done romping. But what happens when the outdoor adventure gets weird? They sometimes have to beg to be let back inside. Some of these animals are not the usual pet and one might think that they are comfortable outdoors. Think again. Sure, most of them were probably let in right away, but not before they were captured on camera! The result is a hilarious compilation of some of the best photos of animals ever. These guys are desperate to get back inside and have provided us with some adorable giggles to prove their temporary discomfort.

Spidey Cat

I’m Spidey Cat. Either let me in or I go through the chimney.

You Will Pay

If you don’t open the door right now, I will make sure you don’t sleep for a week!

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