20 Adorable Animals That Want To Be Photographers

Wildlife photography is a popular and beautiful art genre. Wildlife photographers come to untamed jungles and savannas to take pictures of animals and wildlife. But have you ever heard of ‘real’ wildlife photographers? As in, animals taking pictures?

Animals don’t typically use manmade tools and look totally clueless when you give them a gadget to tinker with. We know chimps and some primates use tools sometimes–but a lot other animals can use them too, such as octopuses and crows.

Animals are often the subject in wildlife photography, but sometimes they get curious and want to be behind the camera instead. Check out these images of what 20 animals would do with a camera.

“What’s She Up To?”

The adorable animals are curious on what the woman is up to.

Cheetah With Photographer

Would you mind a photographer’s assistant like his?

What Does This Do?

“So, what does this button do?”

Stop Moving!

“Stop moving so I can take a steady shot!”

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