20 Adorable Animals With Amazing Prosthetics


Being born with badly deformed front legs, Derby spent most of his early life in a doggy wheelchair. But after she noticed Derby’s limited mobility, his foster mother worked out a prosthetic design at her 3D-printing company – now he has almost complete mobility.


After being attacked by chickens, this tenacious duck lost his left leg. But thanks to the ever-expanding field of 3-D printing, Dudley now easily waddled around with a new leg.


This adorable donkey had to have her right hind leg amputated after she was born with a birth defect. The prosthetic leg she wears not only helps her to run and jump like any other foal, but it has also given vets insight into how to help other similarly disadvantaged animals.


When Fuji the bottlenose dolphin was younger, she had a terrible disease that infected her tail fin, so most of it had to amputated. After vets enlisted the help of Bridgestone, Fuji now has an amazing prosthetic tail made of the same material as Formula 1 car tires.

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