20 Adorable Examples Of Animal Parenting

When you are a parent, it’s easy to think you are the only person in the world with problems. The truth is, not only do we human parents share a lot of the same stresses and joys, but it seems that many members of the animal kingdom can relate as well. Kids are kids and parents are parents regardless of the species. Here are 20 images showing animals experiencing many of the same joys and struggles that we do.

A Few Too Many Legs

Either this is some weird mutant bird or she’s protecting her kids from the elements. You can likely put your money on the latter.

Aim For That Flower Right There

Doesn’t this look exactly like a dad teaching his son the finer arts of peeing in the woods?

Break It Up, People!

Mom and dad are showing affection to each other and the kid just can’t take it. Only the kid is allowed to give and receive affection. And he’s not stupid, he knows what happens when mom and dad kiss. He doesn’t want a little brother or sister to share the limelight.

Cheek To Cheek

Nothing softer or sweeter than holding a baby cheek to cheek.

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