20 Amazing 90’s Sitcoms You’ve Probably Forgotten About

The 90’s were filled with so many amazing and influential television shows. Some of the popular shows went on to become a staple in pop culture history. Thanks to syndication, many of today’s kids are able to watch some of the shows you probably grew up on. However, there are other amazing shows from that era that don’t get enough recognition due to them not being as popular or they’ve never gotten the chance to become syndicated. Let’s take a look at some amazing shows from the 90’s that you’ve probably forgotten about.

City Guys (1997)

‘City Guys’ followed the life of two kids from different neighborhoods as they made their way through high school. The series dealt with the average difficulties high schoolers faced such as peer pressure, and school violence.

Ghostwriter (1992)

‘Ghostwriter’ surrounded the lives of a group of teenagers that solved crimes with the help of an invisible friend they called Ghostwriter. The show helped kids learn how to use their reading skills and context clues to solve the mystery featured in the half hour show.

Sweet Valley High (1994)

Based on the popular books, ‘Sweet Valley High’ followed the lives of twin sisters, Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield as they made their way through high school.

Bug Juice (1998)

Disney’s ‘Bug Juice’ is probably one of the first reality shows kids from the 90’s ever watched. It documented the lives of average kids during their stay at summer camp.

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