20 Amazing And Interesting Facts About Animals You May Not Know

​Arabian Camels

To protect itself from the blowing desert sand, the camel has three eyelids. Arabian camels rarely sweat; however, they can drink thirty gallons (135 liters) of water in just 13 minutes.

Galapagos Tortoises

Galapagos tortoises can live over 150 years and sleep for 16 hours per day. In addition, they can go one year without water or food.

Sheep And Goats

Sheep and goats have rectangular pupils that enable them to see almost 360 degrees around them.

Great White Sharks

Great White sharks lead solitary lives and swim huge distances, making it difficult for researchers to observe them. Due to this, it is still not known how the species reproduces. These sharks are vital to the ecosystem of an ocean; however, over-fishing could be pushing them towards extinction.

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