20 Architectural Blunders That Will Leave You Scratching Your Head

Any profession that has to do with building structures and architecture is a difficult one. We should never think for a second that we would be able to just jump right in and do it ourselves. It requires skill, precision, and a whole lot more math than we will ever need or use. In fact, about the closest any of us will ever come to building anything is a plate in a buffet line. We all make mistakes every now and then. That includes skilled architects, builders and engineers. Fortunately for us, we have some utterly hilarious and ridiculous results. These are the blunders, goofs and gaffes that just make you stop and scratch your head. After seeing these, you have to wonder what on earth they could have possibly been thinking.

That First Step Is A Doozy

The best part of this second floor door to nowhere is imagining the person who lives there.

Very Interesting Bathroom Conversations

Here’s a way for people to really get to know one another in the bathroom.

Decapitating Escalator

Unless this was created for midgets, we’re failing to see how you could go up or down these escalators without being decapitated.

Skateboard Parking

This home driveway can double as a skateboard ramp.

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