20 Astronomical Images That Are Mind Blowing

The magnitude of space can be hard to comprehend for most human beings simply because we never get to experience its vastness first hand. We here about it in lectures or watch movies that try to come close to capturing what travelling through space must feel like. We can emulate it in a million ways but it is one area of life that is special enough to demand a personal experience.

Sending out satellites like the Hubble and dedicated astronomical photographers allows us to come closer to this experience than ever before. These dedicated professional spend a bulk of their lives capturing visuals that are rare to experience in a way that is befitting their spectacular nature. Here is a list of 20 astronomical photographs that were taking in 2015, most of which have been narrowed down to be exhibited in the Royal Observatory Greenwich.

Great Nebula

This captivating image showcases the Great Nebula. The image was taken in Carina Bi-color that allows us to further appreciate the details of the deep space spectacle.

Sky Lake

This photograph looks like it was taken on another planet altogether due to the optical illusion created by the rich sky and the thin sheet of water over the world’s largest salt flat – Salar de Uyuni located in Bolivia.

Star Trails

This magical photograph was taken over Green Lake in California. We can see a bonfire that was used as a constant in the image to highlight the trail of stars captured using long exposure times.

Rosetta Nebula

This is a stunning picture of the Rosetta Nebula, one of the largest recorded Nebulas that boasts of a diameter measuring 50 light years. The photographer has used narrowband filters in order to capture a specific color of light which results in the vivid oranges and blues we seen in the image.

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