20 Best Movie Soundtracks Of All Time

The integration of cinematic moments with highly memorable music tracks has always been vital to the process of storytelling. Soundtracks have been used differently by various film industries around the world in order to maximize the impact of crucial plotlines. This utilization of certain songs with famous films has helped both the music industry and the film industry promote and further their trades. Here is a list of 20 movies that have featured the best and most memorable soundtracks of all time.

Saturday Night Fever

The 70’s, John Travolta, Disco and Saturday Night Fever almost became synonymous with one another after the launch of this film. The movie was thoroughly entertaining and the soundtrack did an amazing job exemplifying the zest and energy of an era that is long gone now.

A Hard Day’s Night

The Beatles have been a part of the biggest music revolution in the world during their peak years in the 60’s. They had a bigger fan following than any other band in the world and they managed to extend their musical careers to the silver screening, starring and composing in movies such as ‘A Hard Day’s Night’.


‘Superfly’ and its hypnotic soundtrack was extremely relevant culturally when it was released in 1972. The R&B tracks composed by Curtis Mayfield were excellent, both lyrically and structurally. It focused on ‘blaxploitation’ and utilized a brand of music that has been sampled by artists from this generation such as Eminem and Ice-T.

The Sound Of Music

This charming film remains one of the most popular classic films of all time and featured one of the most memorable soundtracks ever composed. The tunes were energetic, thoughtful and fit right into the context of the film, making them more a part of the cinema instead of simply an additional tool used to extend the process.

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