20 Bizarre And Random Deaths That Will Shock You

The Grim Reaper likes to be creative from time to time. Death comes for us all, of course, but for the people comprising this list, it came a little sooner than expected. After reading through these stories, all we can say is that Death sometimes has a cruel, ironic, and bitter sense of humor, and that It likes to come at us from all sorts of different angles. Just when a person is humming along, whistling a tune on a sunny day, Death likes to stick its head out and yell “Boo!”, and unfortunately there’s not much we can do about it. Life is random, and so too is Death.

Boiling Hot Chocolate Death

Vincent Smith II was a 29-year-old factory worker at Cocoa Services in Camden, New Jersey. In 2009 he was pouring cocoa into a giant vat of boiling chocolate when his head was struck by a mixing blade. The blow knocked him unconscious, and he fell forward into the vat of of chocolate, where he cooked for nearly ten minutes and suffocated. Somewhere, Willy Wonka is deeply saddened.

The Dancer Who Flew

Angela Isadora Duncan was an american dancer in 1877, but spent most of her life in Europe, where she had a successful dancing career. She had a taste for wearing long, flowing scarves. In 1927 she was a passenger in a sportcar driving around France; the car crashed, but a scarf she was wearing entangled itself with a wheel, and she was sling-shotted from the car and broke her neck.

How Bad Do You Need that Wii?

Nintendo Wii’s were hugely popular in 2007. California radio station KDND 107.9 took advantage of the situation: they held a contest titled “Hold Your Wee for a Wii”, and it involved having contestants drink nearly two gallons of water. The contestant that held their urine the longest would win a free Wii. Jennifer Strange, a 28-year-old mother, came in second. After the contest she rushed home because she felt ill, and was later found dead from water intoxication. Strange’s family later sued the radio station for $16.5 million.

Happy Gilmore Death

In the summer of 1994, Jeremy Brenno was playing golf with friends at the Kingsboro Golf Club in New York. At the sixth hole, Jeremy smashed a golf club against a nearby bench from frustration. The golf club snapped, but the shaft rebounded and pierced Jeremy through his heart, and he died seconds later.

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