20 Bizarre Snakes That Will Creep You Out

Snakes are certainly one of Mother Nature’s more interesting creations. They have been around since the era of dinosaurs, and since then evolution has provided snakes various adaptations to help them survive. The following list comprises a select handful of interesting snakes; and depending on your feelings toward these slithering reptiles, the following list either will inspire awe or will give you nightmares. However, let’s be thankful that we get to meet these snakes by reading about them, as meeting them in the wild would not provide a pleasurable experience.

Elephant-Trunk Snake

These snakes are completely aquatic and often found in the waters of Indonesia. They are named for their grey, baggy skin that resembles the trunk of an elephant. What’s most interesting is that elephant-trunk snakes cannot slither on dry land – they lack the necessary scales to do so.

Long-Nosed Vine Snake

These snakes are native to southeastern Asia. They live and hunt in trees, where frogs and lizards are often their prey. They have excellent binocular vision, and their eyes are shaped like keyholes. They generally hunt by moving slowly, relying on stealth and camouflage rather than quick movements.

Feathered Tree Viper

These snakes are found in Central Africa’s rainforests. Their bulbous eyes and strange scales make them appear like miniature dragons, and they have retractable fangs just like other vipers. People should run if they ever see one of these snakes: there is no known antidote to their venom, which can cause severe internal hemorrhaging in humans.

Tiger Keelback

These snakes are often found in eastern Asia. They often feed on poisonous frogs, but are immune to their poison. Furthermore, these snakes have neck glands where they actually store the frogs’ poison. Then, if threatened by larger predator, these snakes release the stolen poison as a defense mechanism.

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