20 Bizarre Snakes That Will Creep You Out

Flying Snake

Found in rainforests of southeastern Asia and India, these snakes are skilled gliders. When they want to glide, these snakes essentially flatten their bodies to make a concave wing and launch themselves. They slither in the air while gliding, which gives them some measure of control. The most interesting thing, however, is that they are better at gliding than flying squirrels.

Tentacle Snake

These aquatic snakes are found in the waters of southeastern Asia. They have tentacles on their noses that are highly sensitive to disturbances in the water, which is how they detect prey. Also, they feint when attacking prey. They drift in one direction to trick prey into fleeing another way, and then they strike the prey in its anticipated retreat.

Madagascar Leaf-Nosed Snake

This is another snake that lives and hunts in trees. They have long appendages on their noses. The males have long, tapering snouts, while the females’ noses are leaf-shaped. They have a funny quirk, however: sometimes when they’re waiting for prey, they’ll simply dangle from a tree’s limb.

Horned Viper

These snakes often have a pair of horns over their eyes, and they can be found in the deserts of the Middle East and Northern Africa. They are adept at using camouflage – they’ll often burrow under sand and lie in wait for prey. What’s more, when horned vipers do actually move around, they slither sideways to confuse prey and predators.

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