20 Bizarre Uses For Coca-Cola That People Actually Use

Coca-Cola is one of the most popular soft drinks in the world. It is available to buy in more than 200 countries and dwarfs sales for most other drinks, selling an incredible 1.8 billion servings every single day. Despite its huge popularity as a tasty and refreshing way to hydrate oneself, it is also used for plenty of other purposes around the world. This shouldn’t be so surprising considering it was launched as a cure for certain ailments and was once marketed to help get rid of hangovers.

You’ve probably come across a few of these, such as cleaning coins and jewelry, but you might be surprised by some of the more imaginative and frankly odd uses for Coca-Cola all around the world. Regardless, read on to find out 18 bizarre uses for Coca-Cola, and maybe try some of these yourself.

De-Blacken Pots

Sometimes pots can get a thin covering of a black substance if you burn food, leave the pan on the heat for too long or simply don’t clean them well enough. Once on, it can be almost impossible to remove without buying expensive kitchen cleaning solutions. Instead, let it soak in some Coca-Cola while heating it very slightly before then washing it as you normally would. The black dirt should be far easier to get rid of now.

Plant Fertilizer

While most garden experts would not advise pouring Coca-Cola or other sugary drinks onto plants, because the sugar actually prevents them from being able to absorb important nutrients, the soda can help in certain circumstances. Coca-Cola can be especially useful for flowers that grow best in acidic soil, though it’s best to use diet variants that don’t contain as much sugar.

Get Rid Of Pests

Gardens can make perfect homes for pests such as slugs and snails, the creatures will often wreak havoc and destroy much of the plant life that has been carefully grown. While it’s possible to use pesticides to kill the pests, it is just as easy and far cheaper to use Coca-Cola. Leave a bowl of the soda in the garden and the pests will no longer be a problem.

Help Clear Rust

The ingredients in Coca-Cola also make it suitable for cleaning up rust on a variety of metal objects. People regularly soak items in some coke overnight and then brush or clean them in the morning, with the rust able to be removed far more easily than it would have otherwise. It can also help with rusted bolts that can’t be loosened.

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