20 Bizarre Uses For Coca-Cola That People Actually Use

Window Cleaner

Have a dirty window that you have to clean but don’t have any shop-bought window cleaner available? Then try using Coca-Cola, simply pour a small amount over the window and then rub clean with a damp cloth to ensure that none of the drink is left behind as it can become sticky if it isn’t removed from the glass.


While it may seem strange to use Coca-Cola in the cooking process as it is primarily a drink, that hasn’t stopped plenty of people coming up with interesting recipes that use the soda. Some of the most innovative include mixing the fizzy drink with sauces to create new flavors or to marinade food like chicken with it. The sugar caramelizes and can give a tasty coating.

Whiten Toilet

Perhaps the worst of all household chores, cleaning the toilet is never a pleasant experience and can be an arduous task thanks to the dirty stains and grime that can line the surface. In the absence of expensive toilet cleaners, you can pour down a can of coke into the bowl and leave it for an hour. When you return to scrub the toilet with a brush, the dirt should be easily removed and it should look far brighter and whiter than ever before.

Remove Paint

Painting can be a pretty messy activity and if you haven’t covered up your furniture it is possible that some paint may spill onto surfaces. Once dried, it can be incredibly tricky to get off without damaging the item even more. In the case of metal surfaces or furniture, covering up the paint with a towel or cloth soaked in Coca-Cola can help to dissolve the paint and make it easier to wipe off.

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