20 Casting Changes That Would Have Changed Your Favorite Movies

Feeling Not So Lucky

The role of Dirty Harry was popular singer Frank Sinatra’s before it was ever Clint Eastwood’s. Unfortunately Sinatra broke his wrist during filming – as such he couldn’t hold up the famous .44 Magnum and was subsequently fired.

Cold-Blooded Robot

O.J. Simpson was at one point considered to take on the role of the eponymous cybernetic assassin in The Terminator. James Cameron vetoed the decision on the grounds that he didn’t think he could see Simpson as such a killer.

A Day Off To Remember

Before Matthew Broderick ever stepped into the shoes of the infamous Ferris Bueller, the part was supposed to be played by Johnny Depp. The actor turned the role down because he said he didn’t want to be the kind of actor who live on blockbuster movies; after movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and Alice in Wonderland, we totally believe that.

Getting A Little Cagey

Mickey Rourke came extremely close to nabbing Oscar gold for his roll in The Wrestler, but Randy “The Ram” Robinson was not always his character. Nicolas Cage almost got the part because he didn’t want to take steroids to achieve the look of a professional wrestler.

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