20 Celebrities Who Publicly Said Stupid Things

Russell Brand

In a serious political speech, British comedian Russell Brand said “the American murder rate is 50 times that of any other developed nation.” Nice try U.S.A. hater, but that’s not even close to being true. The lowest murder rate of a first world country is Luxembourg with .2/100,000; America’s is 5.4/100,000. Comparatively, Russia’s murder rate is 65x greater than Luxembourg’s; Mexico’s is 110x higher; Venezuela’s is 288x higher.

Jim Carrey

The comedic actor staunchly backs the notion that vaccinations in children cause autism. Even though Carrey sites support form the “scientific community” that the vaccine additive Thimerasol is the toxin that causes autism, the preservative hasn’t been used in vaccines since 2001. Thimerasol was removed from vaccines as a precautionary measure, but there is still no concrete evidence that it is even remotely harmful.

Michael Douglas

It is true that the Human Papillomavirus can cause cancer, but don’t believe everything you hear about transmission. Actor Michael Douglas tried to blame his own throat cancer on HPV caught during the giving of oral sex – sorry, Michael, it was far more likely to be all of the smoking and drinking.

Bill O’Reilly

On his show “The O’Reilly Factor,” Bill O’Reilly has said that illegal immigrants are a weight on the U.S., an uneducated, non-self-sufficient group of people who leech off of American taxpayers. Ironically, statistics show that illegal immigrants most often only take low paying jobs. Not only can they not apply for any kind of government aid – including welfare, Medicaid, and food stamps – somewhere between 50-75% of them file and pay income taxes.

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