20 Children’s Books Which Should Have Never Been Published

Growing up, we all had a book that we loved that seemed just a little too weird once we got a little bit older. Maybe it was because our younger brother or sister were reading the book, or maybe it’s because our own kids started reading it and we noticed an odd story twist. The twist might have been in an illustration, or a particular page that just made you do a double take and make sure you saw or read what you thought you read or saw. Today, we bring you the best of the best of those kid children’s books that should have never been published

Dick Is The Dog. Just So We’re Clear

So many double entendres in this particular picture. We’re just thanking the powers that be that you can clearly see the little boy is holding the hot dog and it’s at knee level.

Thank God The Kid Isn’t The One Grimacing

Yes, the fact that the kid is getting a bit close to the bum is troubling. The fact that the pig is grimacing is even more troubling. But picture this, what if the kid had the pig’s expression on her face? The picture becomes one that is quite a bit more disturbing than it already is.

The Young Adult Book For BDSM Enthusiasts

Yes, we know the kind of bondage they are talking about. That doesn’t mean the author of the book should have completely ignored the connotations that such a title would have.

And Then, The Police Were Called

The only thing creepier about the bear watching a little girl in the bathtub is where the bear has rested his hand while he watches the girl take a bath. This might be the creepiest picture in a kid’s book in the history of creepy pictures.

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