20 Completely Insane Things You Can Buy On Amazon

Wolf Urine

This Wolf Urine comes in 32 oz. containers. It is supposed to be used to lure other wolves to an area or to ensure that pests, such as deer or other small animals, are deterred by the pungent smell given off by the urine.

A Whole Rabbit

Okay, so it’s technically not an entire rabbit because the head is missing. Also, just make sure you don’t use the “buy used” function for this.

Philadelphia Mint Jefferson Nickel From 2003

Because you can never have enough nickels, you can buy this one from 2003 for just $3.95 (with $4.49 shipping). Although the buyer does specify that the actual year may vary…

Dolly The Sexy Inflatable Sheep

Well it’s probably a good thing this exists if only to help stop people from trying to find real life sexy sheep.

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