20 Crazy Indian Rituals You Won’t Believe

The word “diversity” aptly describe India. Not only are there many different cultures, languages, castes and colors in India today, but the country itself is like a storybook. It is full of strange and wonderful stories, some of which are difficult believe, but they actually do exist. Take a moment for yourself to look at what a truly diverse nation India is. Of course, along with this great diversity comes certain quirks that will honestly amaze you.


Muharram (the first month of the Islamic Calendar) is the anniversary of the Battle of Karbala. India’s Shi’a Muslims mourn the event by flogging their naked bodies with ‘Matam’ (chains containing razor blades or knives).

Baby Tossing

Each December in Karnataka, married couples toss over 100 babies from a temple roof into the crowd below, which is holding a cloth that’s meant to catch them. Participants believe that the 200 foot plummet brings good health and luck to the family.

Female Infanticide

India’s culture views male children as more desirable than female children. Preference is so extreme that female infants are oftentimes killed or set afloat in the river.


The “Thookam Festival” is celebrated in South India. Here, Hindu devotees pierce their backs with sharp hooks before being lifted up on scaffolding by ropes. They do this to please Goddess Kali.

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