20 Crazy Japanese Superstitions You Won’t Believe

Even though the world is a much smaller place thanks to air travel, the internet and new technology, there’s no denying the fact that cultural differences continue to exist all over the planet. What goes down on one side of the world might be totally different to what is happening on the other and try as we might, things will never match up.

Japan is a country of many different parts. Whilst it is moving forward faster than many other places on the planet, it is also steeped in an ancient culture, unlike anything that we have ever seen before. As a result, there are still some pretty amazing superstitions which stand in Japan and if you’re going there anytime soon, you might want to know about them before you make a fatal error.

Throwing Salt At A Funeral

If you attend a funeral in Japan and don’t throw salt when you enter into the house of the deceased, it’s believed to be very bad luck indeed. Salt is seen as an act of purification, so if you’re not stocked up, don’t even think about stepping foot inside.

Sleeping Facing North

People who sleep with their head facing in a northerly direction are believed to be in for a very short life and will most likely die prematurely. Whether you believe it or not, make sure you have a compass at the ready; do you really want to take your chances?

Using Red Ink

The color red is particularly meaningful in Japan and has many different interpretations depending on when and where it is used. If you write someone’s name in red ink, however, it is said to be very unlucky indeed and most likely will result in something very bad.

Cutting Your Nails At Night

Make sure you do all of your beauty maintenance during the day; cutting your nails at night signifies that you won’t be with your parents at the time of their death. Who wants to live with that kind of guilt?

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