20 Crazy Japanese Superstitions You Won’t Believe

Cats At Places Of Work

It’s more than likely that you’ve seen the beckoning cat in Japanese movies but what you might not realise is they’re there because cats are believed to be particularly lucky for businesses. There’s no better time to get a pet.

Seeing Spiders During The Morning

If you see a spider in the morning and let it live, it is believed to be very lucky and spell good things for your day. Here’s hoping you don’t see it again, though; coming across a spider at night time is very unlucky and you have permission to kill it.

Black Cats Crossing Your Path

Much like the West, the figure of a black cat crossing your path is believed to be a bad omen and a sign of bad fortune in Japan. Who knows what those cats are planning but it’s better to leave the situation immediately.

Hiding Your Thumb From A Hearse

If you see a hearse in front of you in Japan, you should hide your thumb. Thumbs are believed to be the “parent finger” of the hand and if you expose it to a hearse, then it is said that one of your parents will die. They take it literally over there.

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