20 Crazy Russian Superstitions You Won’t Believe

Russia is the largest country in the entire world and as a result, has a long and colored history. Over the years, the natives have amassed a number of strange superstitions, founded on ancient practices. Despite the strange way they appear to the rest of the world, for the Russians, these superstitions are just a part of everyday life and by following these unwritten rules, natives believe they have warded off bad luck for years and years.

Having A Birthday Party

If your birthday falls during the week, you should only celebrate it over the following weekend. To have a party on the day of your birthday is considered very bad luck in Russia and giving birthday wishes to someone before the day is even worse.

Returning To Find Forgotten Things

We’ve all experienced the annoyance of having to return home to pick up a forgotten object but if you’re in Russia, it’s a huge no-no. Returning to collect something that you have forgotten is considered to be a very bad omen and if the trip really has to be done, you should never look in a mirror on the way out.

Birds Landing On Windowsills

Birds might be beauties of the skies but if they land anywhere near a windowsill, beware. In Russia, it is considered very bad luck when a bird lands on a windowsill and if it taps on your window, people believe it is an omen for death.

Crowing Chickens

Try and avoid chickens before noon; if the bird crows at you three times before the clock strikes 12, you can expect a family member to die within two weeks. In order to avoid further bad luck, you should kill and then eat the chicken.

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