20 Creative Advertisements With Powerful Messages

WWF: Save Paper, Save The Planet

The World Wide Fund for Nature, like Greenpeace, are also a very popular campaign organization.

The organization has produced this very creative advertisement by placing a paper towel dispenser with the title ‘Save Paper, Save The Planet’ labeled above, green foil in the place of paper towels and a silhouette of South America on it, by doing this they have proved that the survival of forests are effected by the amount of paper we all use.

Quit Smoke: What We See When You Smoke

In order to display to smokers how non-smokers see them, Quit Smoke (a program that helps smokers quit) have placed signs on car mufflers, titled ‘What We See When You Smoke‘. These signs show a person with a hole placed where their mouth is, the sign is then placed so that the hole is placed as if the muffler of the car is their mouth, and the person on the sign is exhaling after smoking.

Reporters Without Boarders: Censorship Tells The Wrong Story

Reporters Without Boarders is an organization that promotes and defends freedom of information, has purposely blurred out sections of images of celebrities, for an anti-censorship campaign, to make it look as though one of the celebrities is doing something inappropriate to another. They have done this to prove that censorship is wrong and that it tells the wrong story.

Animal Anti-Cruelty League: That’s Not A Football

In order to stop animal cruelty, the Animal Anti-Cruelty League have produced advertisements with Dalmatian dogs curled, looking as if the dog is actually a football on the field. The advertisements are titled ‘That’s Not A Football‘, the league has done this to make us all look twice and think before we hurt an animal.

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