20 Dogs In Their Happy Place

When you think of your happy place, what comes to mind? Maybe it is in your bed, on the beach, in your favourite restaurant, or surrounded by your family. It’s likely different for each person, but it appears dogs have happy places, too. Most dog owners argue that dogs are more like humans than some people would care to admit. By the looks of these 20 pictures, dogs can definitely find their own happy places just like humans do.

On Fresh Sheets

Who doesn’t love the feeling of warm and fresh sheets right out of the dryer? Hopefully this pug doesn’t shed too much!

At Disneyland

Apparently when they say Disneyland is the “happiest place on Earth,” they don’t just mean for children!

At The Park

This little French bulldog puppy appears to love the park as much as most kids do! Next, he’ll take a turn on the slide.

At The Beach

What’s a happier and more relaxing place than the beach? This dog has the right idea!

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