20 Dumb Things Drunk People Are Guilty Of


Drunk out of his mind, a Georgia resident ran back into his burning home in an attempt to save the beer he had inside. It’s unclear whether he managed to actually rescue the cold beverage, however. He did win a stupid award, though.

Mario Kart

At 29-years-old you would think most people would have their alcohol held down firmly, but one man stole a lawnmower and rammed it into a school bus. He confronted the schoolchildren within, too. Jail time was his only reward.

Man vs. Nature

If you have a dangerous job, such as a safari guide, then you probably shouldn’t drink before heading in to work. One guide did just that, and then he charged a wild elephant on foot.

Saddle Up

Keeping with the previous theme of drunk people with animals, an Australian man – which should tell you everything you need to know – tried to ride on the back of a crocodile after having a few too many drinks one night. The crocodile – cleverly named Fatso – was not amused.

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