20 Fabulous Locations For Whale And Dolphin Watching

If you love the idea of swimming with dolphins and watching whales dive in the waves, you’ll want to plan your vacation to any one of these 20 fabulous whale and dolphin watching destinations.

These destinations were chosen based on the frequency of dolphin and whale sightings. You don’t have to be standoffish during these trips either. You can reach out and feed the wild dolphins at Monkey Mia on Shark Bay, and you can swim with the dolphins in the wild. There are numerous oceanic safari tours that take you to the dolphins and whales in the wild. No matter which of these beautiful destinations you choose, your vacation will be one you’ll always remember because dolphins and whales are amazing!

Off The Coast Of Mozambique, Dolphins Abound!

When you think of Mozambique, you most likely think of land mammals and safaris, but you should be thinking of whales and dolphins. These animals live off the coast of Mozambique. You will have ample opportunity to spot the dolphins and humpback whales if you spend any time on the water.

Namibia’s Dolphin Watching Tours On Walvis Bay

Namibia is another coastal African country with dolphins nearby. There are tour guides available to take visitors on trips to see the dolphins. Walvis Bay is one of the most popular dolphin sighting locations in the world.

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