20 Facts About Being A Man

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus. Dead men tell no tales. Separate the men from the boys. A good man is hard to find. The world seems to have no end of idioms about men and what it is to be a man. While you likely already know what it is that makes a man, there are lots of facts about belonging to the male gender you may or may not know – here are a few of those facts.

Head Over Heels

High-heeled shoes may be almost exclusive to women, but they weren’t always. The stiletto shoe was invented to help a man stand up in his saddle whilst on a horse – women started wearing them to adopt a more masculine look.

Cheater! Cheater! Pumpkin Eater!

Good news! If you’re man strays on you, then he really isn’t worth the trouble. Scientific studies have proven that men who cheat on their significant others have lower IQs than men who do not.

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