20 Film Endings You Won’t See Coming

There are movies and there are movies. Most films which we watch are easily forgotten, put on in a moment of haste to stop a gap in our open schedule. They entertain us for a time but pretty soon, they are shoved to the backs of our minds, never to be thought of again. There are some movies, though, which do things a little differently and some way or another, stick around for the long haul.

The film twist. The endings you didn’t see coming. The big reveal. It’s more than likely that you’ve encountered at least one film which contains a surprise at the end, a sudden close which left you sitting agape at the cinema screen in its aftermath. Lucky for you, there are a whole load of these bad boys out there in cinematic history and if surprise is your thing, you’re pretty well catered for.

The Sixth Sense

Ok, so chances are, you’re already aware of this film’s shock ending. Even people who have no idea what the film is about seem to know what happens in the end. The film’s notoriety, however, has not made it any less effective and even if it’s the third, thirtieth or three-hundredth time you’ve seen the film’s fateful ending, it is still as shocking and bone tingling.

*SPOILER*: Bruce Willis’ character is a ghost the whole time.

The Crying Game

The denouement of The Crying Game comes pretty early in the film and the reasons for this are more than a little obvious. Watching from a modern day perspective, it is easy to – ahem – uncover the film’s secret but at the time, audiences were blown out of their minds.

*SPOILER*: The beautiful Dil is actually a man.

Fight Club

The best thing about Fight Club’s surprise ending is going back and watching it all over again. Even after dozens of viewings, it’s possible to find things that you never noticed before. Now that’s good cinema.

*SPOILER*: Brad Pitt’s character is a manifestation in Edward Norton character’s mind.

F is For Fake

The clue’s in the name with this cinematic gem and even if you see the ending coming, it doesn’t make it any less enjoyable. Orson Welles shows us why he was such a master of cinema and despite his smug, satisfied smile, it’s hard to begrudge him his title.

*SPOLIER*: Even though Welles seems to tell the truth, the last story in the film is completely made up.

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