20 Forbidden And Creepy Places That Tickle Curiosity

There are certainly some places in this world that are best avoided, though they may spark curiosity. The following list includes a mixture of places that are currently forbidden to visit and others that are just plain creepy. As with such locations, people can’t help but become intoxicated with curiosity, which often leads to wild speculation that fabricates bizarre stories to replace the missing facts. Unfortunately, no conclusive explanations will be provided anytime soon, but let’s check out these places anyway and taste a little bit of the mystique surrounding them.

Jiangsu National Security Education Museum

Located in China, this museum contains a range of documents and items deemed too sensitive for foreigners, items which date all the back to 1927. Only Chinese citizens are allowed entrance, but must follow restrictive rules. According to rumor, the museum has various items of spy gear, such as lipstick containers that are guns, coins that can hide documents, and decks of cards that hold maps.

Room 39

Located in North Korea , Room 39 supposedly maintains a foreign-currency slush fund for Kim Jong-Un’s reign. Rumored to have near $5 billion, Room 39’s clandestine activities include counterfeiting money, illegal weapon sales, and drug production. It is believed these funds buy political support for Kim Jong-Un and fuels his nuclear weapons program. Room 39 is supposedly located in a ruling Workers’ Party building in Pyongyang, close to where Kim Jong-Un lives.

White’s Gentlemans Club

Located in London is the most exclusive gentlemen’s club in the world. It was originally founded in 1674, and its membership consists of the worlds richest and most powerful elite. Prince William and Prince Charles are supposedly members, as well as Conrad Black. Supposedly secret meetings and high-stake betting occur within the club.

Google Data Centers

Google Data Centers actually exist all over the world, but only a special few people are allowed access to them. These data centers house thousands of servers, so many that engineers have to ride bicycles to get around. These centers are kept rigorously secure because they process and store millions of people’s sensitive information, which if fallen into the wrong hands could have catastrophic consequences.

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