20 Forbidden And Creepy Places That Tickle Curiosity


Evacuated several days after the Chenobyl incident, the city once had around 50,000 people, but now is a ghost city sometimes referred to as “the zone of alienation”.

Area 51

The infamous Area 51 is located in Nevada. The official CIA names for the place are “Homey Airport” and “Groom Lake”. Area 51’s purpose has yet to be revealed to the public, and this secrecy has led to all sorts of wild conspiracies. Some consider it the testing grounds for the U.S. Airforce’s new technology, but more imaginative people consider it a hub of alien activity.


Kabayan is a series of caves in the Philippines. These caves are littered with thousands of “Fire Mummies”, some of which have been remarkably preserved. This process of mummification is unique. Right before dying, an individual would consume a very salty drink, and after death the body would be submitted to flames, which would dry and harden the salty fluids, thus preserving the body.


“Metro-2” is the informal name given to the underground metro network supposedly built in Moscow, Russia. Built during Joseph Stalin’s reign, Metro-2 is believed to be operated by the Ministry of Defense, and connects the Kremlin to the Federal Security Service as well as other important buildings of government. Certain U.S. documents purportedly confirm its existence.

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