20 Frightening But Hilarious Summertime Phobias

Turns out everything is terrible and completely frightening to some. Phobias are something we both laugh and frown upon. But imagine if you had a friend with one that could affect your entire summer? Fear of water, dust, birds, the sun? These are all real life phobias. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you come face to face with someone with one of these fears.

Some are definitely hilarious and some are just downright sad. It’s said that there are underlying issues that are ailing people with phobias, causing abnormal fears of normally common things. Either way, these people just may ruin your summer fun and vacation plans. So find out early enough to know when to leave them at home. Unless, of course, their phobia is a fear of being at home.


The fear of knees is probably the reason why some people never wear shorts in the summer.


People that have a fear of shadows always have a hard time in the sun. Which is pretty much every day.


If you’re trying to tan your dome, you may not want to bring a friend with a fear of bald people.


You may want to avoid summer sight seeing if you have a fear of dutch culture.

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