20 Funniest College Dorm Room Signs

College, that special time in a persons’ life when they leave home, move into a dorm, attend classes taught inspiring teachers, and expand their minds through higher learning. To those of you that were lucky to attend, or are in the midst of attending college, we’re sure it was the time of your life. It probably wouldn’t be a stretch to say that many college students become the person they will be in the real world throughout their time on campus. All that being said, we all know that college is the time for, well, some interesting experiences as well. Whether it’s a caffeine fueled all-nighter to cram for a test, a huge party at a frat house that you went to when midterms were done, or some interesting signs that you post in the dorm room to get along with your peers, college can be a great time. We had a pretty fun college experience as well, but we’ve got nothing on the people that made these dorm room signs. Not only are they creative, but they attempt to tackle things all college students probably identify with. So, without further ado, here are the top 20 funniest college dorm room signs ever.

Stop Stealing Underwear!

This poor girl just wants to be free of an underwear thief. Ahh, we all probably have a great laundry room story…like how people used to empty your wet clothes on the table so they could use the washing machine.

Who Doesn’t Love Family Guy!

Watching Family Guy with roommates was an essential part of our college experience. We’re glad we weren’t the only ones.

Smarty Pants

Everyone is a wise guy at college…


College is a time to experiment and get to know your peers, and that’s probably exactly what this guy has in mind.

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