20 Funny And Weird Optical Illusions

The Famous Elephant Leg Illusion by Roger Sheppard

This has to be one of the most famously mind-boggling illusions that appears in lots of brain teaser books. Logic dictates elephants have four legs, right? But the way this is drawn, it appears as if the elephant has more than four.

Famous Vase Faces

Who doesn’t recognize this one? Only this time, the young lady adds another silhouette to the image: her own. It’s either distracting, or funny, or a bit of both.

Find the Animals

At first glance, you think “where’s the illusion?” But look a bit harder — it’s a find-the-animals game. There’s a badger, for sure, but are there others you can find?


Just try to look at the image without “seeing” the circles and stripes move. This kind of illusion is a classic that anyone can stare at for at least a good ten minutes or so.

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