20 Funny And Weird Optical Illusions


Apart from the fact that we know the person’s hiding behind the llama head, it’s still funny as anything.

Illusions, MC Escher-style

It’s tough to think of an illusionary artist without bringing up MC Escher’s style, recreated here near-perfectly. Just try and follow the lines around.

Mobius Illusion “Tattoo”

Surely this person didn’t get blue and black stripes in a mobius-style tattoo. Because yes, that would be just ridiculous. It’s more than likely Photoshopped, but it’s still a freaky-looking design nevertheless.

Mr. Stretch

It kind of looks like his arm is stretching out just by the way he’s hanging there, doesn’t it? If we didn’t know better, you could say “Gumby lives, and he’s human!”

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