20 Funny Fast Food Fails That Will Make You Want To Eat At Home

The reason why fast food restaurants do so well is because it is a cheap, easy and quick way to grab a bite to eat. A lot of people that go there are in a rush and don’t have much time before heading back to work or to school. While we may be in a rush to get our food, that does not mean we don’t want the workers to actually finish our orders! These are 20 fast food fails where the workers just didn’t even seem to try when making the food!

No Bun

When we order a burger, we expect it to have two buns. However, this restaurant must have had a shortage of buns and made do with what they had!

Taco Bell Fail

Double Decker Tacos are a menu item at Taco Bell, but the worker is supposed to put a hard shell taco inside of a soft shell, but without the cardboard container for the hard shell taco! Someone did not think this one through when making this order.

Latex Glove

The workers are supposed to be wearing the latex gloves while making your food, not putting them in the actual sandwich! How did they not notice that glove before wrapping it up?

Extra Mayo?

It looks like this Subway worker went a little crazy when the customer asked for extra mayo. No one can even eat this sandwich and there seems to be nothing fresh about it.

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