20 Funny Fortune Cookie Sayings To Crack You Up

While most of us don’t eat Chinese food just for the fortune cookie, when we get at the end of the meal, it is a nice treat, right? While the sayings inside are meant to give you an inspiring message or give you something to look forward to, sometimes they can switch things up and be completely hilarious. We have found 20 hilarious fortune cookie sayings that will have you cracking up, so check them out below!

Disregard Others

This one is funny, as it is telling you that only fortune cookies know what they are talking about. Those other psychics and fortune tellers are crazy!

Rice in Teeth

While this is not really a fortune, it is definitely speaking the truth! After eating Chinese food, you probably do have rice in your teeth.


This could be interpreted a few ways. Maybe they are telling you to run and be more active. Maybe they are telling you to run and not pay the bill. Maybe they are telling you to run because you are about to be attacked by some alien creatures!

Got Out

Just a simple message from your fortune cookie, as they are excited to finally get out of that cookie. Um, how fresh is the cookie you just ate then?

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