20 Funny Notes That Show Us People Are Not Impressed With Their Neighbors

When searching for a new house to buy or rent, people often check on the neighborhood and ask about the neighbors. These are the people that might be living right next door, so you’d want them to be good and quiet people. However, that doesn’t always happen, with many people getting noisy and rude neighbors. This list shows people that have had enough of their neighbors, leaving some hilarious notes to voice their concerns. Check out these 20 notes from people that were less then impressed by their neighbors!

No More Wi-Fi?

This one was too funny not to share, as Nick is more concerned about the Wi-Fi being out then he is about the neighbors possibly moving. Um, stop stealing the Wi-Fi, Nick!

No Balls

This person was just trying to protect his goodies, but then someone went and stole his package! He calls them out and tells them they don’t have any of the things he was trying to protect.

Kicking The Habit

It looks like cats can get addicted to smoking too! This cat crawls out at night to smoke the cigarette butts on the ground, so the owners are asking neighbors to stop throwing them on the ground!

Not All About That Bass

Meghan Trainor is All About That Bass, but these neighbors definitely aren’t! Do you think the owner of the bass speakers will catch on to the sarcasm or turn up the music louder?

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