20 Funny Notes That Show Us People Are Not Impressed With Their Neighbors

Kill Them With Kindness

How could you get mad at anyone when they leave a note using exclamation points with hearts? She even brought poop baggies to help you pick up your dog’s poop, but then was a little rude when she piled up all the poop in front of their door.

Reason For Selling

If you are trying to sell your house, this might not be the best advertisement to use. It sends a message to your neighbors, but not a very good message to potential buyers.

This Is A Pre-Warning

So, does that mean a warning is still to come? The owner of the rooster still has some time to get rid of him, as the warning is still coming after this pre-warning!

Dog Keeps Barking

Dogs that constantly bark can be very annoying, but so can neighbors that write on your house! They left the paper at home and just wrote their note right on the house, which would tick us off so much.

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