20 Great Movies And TV Shows With Aliens

Aliens have been a part of culture for a very long time. When there are things that people just can’t explain, they make up things to explain them. Whether or not you believe that aliens truly exist, they do exist in movies and television shows. As long as people continue to believe in little green men, or little gray men (according to Fox Mulder), there will continue to be TV shows and movies that revolve around these otherworldly creatures. If you haven’t seen a movie or show on aliens in a while, you must live on another planet. Here are 20 shows and movies, old and new, that any alien lover is sure to enjoy.

The X-Files

The X-Files was a long running (9 seasons) show that started in 1993 and aired it’s last episode in 2002. It spawned a movie during its run and a movie after. And its popularity is so great that it will be back for a mini-series next year. It is about an FBI unit that follows the strange cases, and David Duchovny plays an agent who believes in aliens and whose sister was abducted by aliens when he was a child.

The Neighbors

The Neighbors only lasted two seasons, ending in 2014. It was a TV show about a group of aliens that landed on Earth to fulfill a mission. They all lived in a subdivision together, but things got weird when a human family moved in.

Men In Black

The first Men In Black movie came out in 1997 and the fourth movie is still a rumor. This mostly comedic movie series about aliens showed viewers that among all the people they thought might be posing as aliens, Michael Jackson was definitely one of them.

War Of The Worlds

War Of The Worlds was originally a radio broadcast by Orson Welles that aired on October 30, 1938. It scared the daylights out of many listeners who thought it was true. Most recently in 2005, Tom Cruise stared in a War Of The Worlds film that easily gave people nightmares of giant tripod machines that would harvest them for an alien agenda.

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