20 Greatest Comedy Teams Of All Time

RIchard Pryor And Gene WIlder

Richard Pryor is arguably the greatest comedian of all time. His work in cinema will never match the intensity of his stand-up material. He did however achieve great success during his multiple projects with the talented Gene Wilder. The duo also became possibly the first multi-racial comedy team to go mainstream.

Cheech And Chong

The legend of Cheech and Chong is truly epic. The duo have faithfully fought numerous establishments over an extended period of time in order to create a mass awareness for marijuana during a time when the country was completely misinformed about it. They are funny people no doubt, but their contribution to the field of pot-based humor, including going to jail numerous times for the cause, will go down in history.

Mel Brooks And Carl Reiner

The duo first met during their work on ‘Sid Caesar’s Your Show Of Shows’ during the late 50’s and never showed any signs of slowing down. They went on to create many masterpieces after that, including the famous ‘The 2000 Year Old Man’ and five subsequent comedy albums, one of which even won a Grammy.

Dawn French And Jennifer Saunders

French And Saunders were perhaps the first famous mainstream female comedic team to truly make it big. They both had extremely successful individuals careers, but their work together in the ‘French and Saunders Show’ was magical.

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