20 Hilarious And Adorable Pet Shaming Photos

Yes, pets are cute and cuddly and just plain adorable; almost everything they do is downright hilarious. But, don’t be fooled by these little creatures because they also have a dark side. Whether it’s peeing in your favorite shoe, dragging poop on your stark white carpet or chewing up your TV remote, there is no end to the havoc that some pets can cause. Of course, we’re sure they don’t mean any harm, but it seems pet owners have found a funny way to teach these little rebels a lesson. Just look at these hilarious pet shaming photos.

No Shame

At least he had good intentions, I suppose.

Hedgehog Problems

On the bright side, at least he doesn’t crawl into slippers and hide there until you put them on. Ouch, now that would be painful.

Poop Eater

One word; Ewwww!

Double Trouble

Double the cuteness, double the fun and double the trouble!

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