20 Hilarious And Honest Bumper Stickers

Here are 20 people who are not afraid to speak their minds. Many people use their cars as billboards for their favorite band, politician, or opinion. These bumper stickers range from the profound, the funny, the strange and the terrifying. Many of them are made to make fun of other bumper stickers. All of them, however, are brutally honest and say quite a bit about the driver. Prepare to laugh at these unique bumper stickers.

What A Wonderful World

It would be a better world. Those poor chickens always being questions about their actions.

Wait A Second

If you are reading this, presumably you are behind this car. Is he warning you about yourself?

Good Reminder

It’s something we all need to remember. Many decisions will be in the hands of the next generation, not the least of which is the decision as to where we will be spending our last days.

Thank You

This one is great. What would make it better? If this car was actually parked in a handicap spot.

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